Stylish Emails

Create emails with
stand-out style.

Monthly newsletters, invitations, promos and more. No matter what you send, your organization’s emails will stand out in style. Start with custom designed stationery from Campaign Blaze, then pair it with our menu of stylish content layouts to create works of art every time. Even Tuesday.


Send now, later or

Campaign Blaze makes it easy to send with a click, schedule an email in advance or create an auto-responder that sends automatically based on your subscribers’ actions. Any way you choose, you’ll have Campaign Blaze’s sophisticated delivery network handling the world of email delivery so you don’t have to.


See who’s opening
and clicking.

With Campaign Blaze’s real-time response tracking, you’ll see who’s opening, clicking, signing up and more. Plus, you’ll learn from your results with stylish graphs and reports that help you spot trends over time. The more you use Campaign Blaze, the smarter you’ll feel each time you hit send.