Audience Features

A database you
can call your own.

You’ll customize your Campaign Blaze database with the groups and fields you want. From there, we’ll handle bounces, opt-outs and the like with ease and let you search, segment and tailor ’til the cows come home. (Around 4 pm, typically.)


Connecting and
growing your list.

Wherever your email subscribers are, Campaign Blaze helps you connect to them. You’ll have imports from spreadsheets or And click-and-build signup screens to tie to your website. And even custom API integration. Who said database management had to be hard?


Getting to know
your audience.

Campaign Blaze is about permission marketing and communications. Which means we don’t sell or rent lists. Instead, we help you make the most of your list, with services, features and advice to help you nurture and grow it just the right way.